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  • Where are your shooting benches made?
    Made in the USA.
  • How soon can you ship me a shooting bench?
    We usually ship your items the next business day.
  • How long will it take to get to me?
    We ship FedEx Ground from Wyoming. Usually takes 3-5 business days within the lower 48 states.
  • Do I need the Leg Caddy?
    If you will be setting the bench up and down a lot, it’s a handy way to protect and carry the legs. If you plan on leaving the bench set up in one place, you may not find much need for it.
  • Do you have other models of shooting benches available?
    At this time, we just produce one model.
  • Can I purchase a shooting bench without the top?
    Not at this time. This is because the bench is supported in the shipping case by its top.
  • Can I purchase a shooting bench without powder coating?
    No, if a shooting bench has our name on it, we want it to look like it.
  • I’m left-handed… will this shooting bench work for me?
    Absolutely, as Royal shoots left-handed. When designing this bench he was frustrated with other bench designs where you had to remove the top and flip it over to switch between right and left handed shooters. Most of our shooting buddies are right handed. When we go shooting together, we simply move the seat and rest to our preferred side.
  • How do you level the bench on uneven ground?
    Since the bench has 3 legs, all 3 legs will always be in full contact with the ground. We usually use a small plumber’s level on the top, and can achieve a side to side level by simply shifting the position of the bench around on the terrain a few inches. We don’t worry too much about front to back level as this is done with the rest and rear bag.
  • Why is your shooting bench taller than others I’ve seen?
    We subscribe to Harvey Donaldson’s theory that your back should be straight and your forearms flat on the bench top. Most benches place your body posture such that your back is curved. This causes many more muscles to be at work, than if your back is straight and relying on your bones for support and stability. For many shooters, this is a new idea; however most see immediate improvement in their groups.
  • Wouldn't your bench be a lot simpler and cheaper if you just used pipe threads instead of the complicated leg socket?
    Yes, in fact we tried this design on early prototypes. However, if you're a serious shooter and shooting often, pipe threads will not last. Pipe threads are tapered and are not designed to be used repeatedly. Every time you engage the thread and tighten it so there's no wobble, it has to advance. The pipe thread will advance until in comes in contact with the bottom of the collar, at which point, the threads will simply strip out.
  • Who do you recommend I talk to about quality rests and bags?
    We now manufacture our own rest, the Royal Rest. Royal has over 3000 hours in research and development to bring this premier rest to market. We believe it is the finest production, all purpose rest, ever made. For bags, we like and sell the Protektor Bumblebee bag for a rear bag. For front bags for the rest, we use and recommend Edgewood New Farley type bags.
  • Where can I get one of those Contico Shooters Boxes you used to sell?
    We wish we knew! Contico has stopped manufacturing this box. We don’t know of any source for them. If you find one, please let us know… they were a great shooters box.
  • Why do I need a shooting bench if I usually just shoot off the hood of my pickup?
    If you’re happy with the results you get that way, you probably don’t need a shooting bench. However, we find that if you want to shoot ½ minute of angle or better, consistently, you need a solid platform from which to shoot. Here’s a little way to test your current shooting platform. With your scope on its highest magnification, put your crosshairs on your last bullet hole. When you feel like you’re really steady, close your eyes and count to ten. Then open them. If you’re cross hairs are on the bullet hole, you’re good to go. If not, you’ve got a problem, whether with your form or your shooting platform.
  • Why are the cutouts on your shooting bench smaller than most other benches?
    The goal is for your chest to rest against the bench, while your heart is isolated from the bench, so as to not disturb your sight picture.
  • Will your shooting bench work with handguns?
    Yes. In fact, our friend, John Taffin, is who originally suggested turning the bench around backwards for work with handguns. By turning the bench around backwards and putting your pistol rest in between the cutouts for the shooter, we find that you're able to get more of your arms supported by the bench, with your chest against the bench. This creates an extremely stable stance for handguns. Check out our photo gallery for a photo of the bench being used this way.
  • Do you offer any type of quantity or dealer discount?
    To keep our costs low, we do not utilize a dealer network. We do offer a $50.00 per bench quantity discount for purchases of 5 or more benches.
  • Why is your shooting bench so expensive?
    Most shooting benches handled by the “big box” stores are built to a predetermined retail price. Our bench was built to be a high quality shooting bench first, and for sale second. If you look at our products page, you’ll see that our benches are made with high quality materials and precision machining. We are shooters and we’re about shooting and quality products.
  • Why is the shooters seat so expensive?
    While we don’t manufacture the shooters seat, it is of very high quality materials and workmanship. You’ll find cheaper models out there whose performance follows their price.
  • I’m looking for a bench to shoot prairie dogs… will this bench work for me?
    We have several customers who use the bench for prairie dog shooting, but they are typically extreme long-range prairie dog shooters (ex. 1000 yards with 16 ½ lb guns). However, we have now partnered with Target Shooting Inc. who builds a very robust turret platform that effectively transforms our fixed bench into a very stable pivoting bench. This combination is far more stable than pivoting benches with a seat attached and will not wear out and become wobbly EVER. For those more economy minded, an X bag, like the bench bags built by Dog Gone Good Bags, will allow for rapid movement from one target to the next, with a 40 degree field of fire without moving the bench or seat. Check out our photo gallery for a photo of the bench being used both with a turret and an X bag.
  • Where are most of your shooting benches sold?
    We have shipped shooting benches to all 50 states, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Spain, Australia, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Norway, Belgium and England.
  • Why don’t you offer a shooting bench with the seat attached?
    We believe if you want the ultimate from your gun and load, you do not want your seat attached to your bench. If you’ve ever experienced the phenomenon of your crosshairs jumping from one side to the other of your targdot, this is caused by stress in your body. It can usually be relieved by a slight shift in your body on the seat. If your seat is attached to the bench, you’ve just moved everything else too, and you still have the problem. This is also true when using a chronograph with sky screens, that every time your seat moves, your alignment with the sky screens moves also. We like to shoot itty-bitty groups; not fight with our equipment.
  • Is there room for my chronograph on the shooting bench top?
    Yes. There are photos in the gallery of our chronograph in use.
  • Do you offer a cover for the bench top?
    Yes. We have partnered with Red Oxx bag company of Billings, Montana to produce a very high quality, padded custom cover. The cover is designed to protect the bench top from damage while being hauled to and from shooting and during storage. The cover is very water resistant and is suited for use as a protective cover (while not shooting) over extended shooting sessions. For continual outdoor exposure we recommend our Polyurea coated tops. Both options can be viewed in our photo gallery.
  • Why don’t you put a groove around the top to catch brass?
    From my experience, a groove around the edge works only some of the time at best. A bench snake is much more effective.
  • I’ve seen some shooters using an umbrella to keep the sun off. Do you offer a top with a mounting hole?
    No. Partially because we live in the West where we are usually plagued with wind of one degree or another. We find we shoot our best groups without a sail attached.
  • Can you build me a (taller, shorter or longer) bench?"
    Yes, when and as time allows. We build our benches in batches of 50 and have developed fixtures, jigs and shipping cases to make this work very well. Custom work will not fit these fixtures, jigs and cases and will have to be hand built. Our shop rate is $60.00 per hour, (ex. a set of custom length legs will cost $600.00 plus s/h).
  • What other shooting benches are out there?
    We encourage customers to familiarize themselves with other benches. Below are some good benches, so review what is out there, and what your needs are. There are many other cheaper shooting benches on the market not listed here, but if you’re serious about rifle accuracy, you don’t want one… trust me. · DOA Tactical: · Caldwell BR Pivot: · Target Shooting Inc.:
  • What other front rests are out there?
    We encourage customers to familiarize themselves with other rests. Below are some good rests, so review what is out there, and what your needs are. There are many other cheaper rests on the market not listed here, but if you’re serious about rifle accuracy, you don’t want one… trust me.
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