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In 1990, I made a radical life change to venture out West and try my hand at cowboying for the Padlock Ranch, where I found myself in a remote cow camp on the Crow Indian reservation. Here I spent many hours under the big skies of Montana exploring and learning the abilities of my firearms. This provided an incredible amount of shooting, in particular long-range rifle shooting. Later I met TD Kelsey and worked for him as his ranch manager. While doing gunsmithing for him, the need arose for a portable shooting bench. I had an open checkbook and set out to find a suitable portable bench. After weeks of looking at big box stores, sorting through spinning lawn chair and ironing board look alikes, I couldn’t find anything I was willing to spend his money on. His response was… “Well, you’re handy… build something”.

Our goal

I grew up in a home where my father was a licensed firearms dealer, which gave me exposure to many different types of firearms and competitive shooting disciplines. While working for Binney & Smith (Crayola Crayons) for nine years as a production mechanic, I learned all kinds of machining, welding, assembly and production skills that served me well in another chapter of life.

About Us

Our goal is to build the best portable shooting benches on the market.

Aha moment
After months of experimenting, we had our “Aha moment” as I came up with our unique floating nutplate/socket/collar arrangement. This design solved the problem that all other portable benches have, in that whatever makes them portable is what makes them wobbly.


We manufacture our shooting benches at our home/shop in Powell, Wyoming. We lead a fairly simple life. Much like ranching, we work together daily and eat lunch together as a family. Our crew consists of myself (Royal), my wife Jeanie, and our son Angus. We’re blessed to live in the Rocky Mountain West, and have access to thousands of acres of Wyoming desert out the back door. You’ll find the three of us involved in some sort of manufacturing or packaging benches daily. Well… unless we’re on the creek fly-fishing. If you’re in this part of the country, please stop by.

19 years later

Nineteen years later, we believe we build the best portable shooting bench on the market. We strive to provide a high quality product for professional shooters and serious firearms enthusiasts. Our customers include US military and police, firearms manufacturers and distributors, shooting schools, long range and accuracy enthusiasts, avid reloaders, and land owners. Most of our customers have access to state or federal lands, or private property to do serious gun work, and thus avoid the pitfalls of shooting at crowded public ranges. Many of our customers have previously experienced disappointment in cheaper shooting benches and are thrilled to finally find a portable shooting bench that will last them a lifetime of hard use.

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