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These Benches Are Nothing Like The Cheap Imported Stuff That You Might See Advertised Elsewhere

Excerpt from the article "Wyoming Outdoor Product Days" - Back several months ago, I was invited by the Wyoming Business Council to attend a gathering of about six writers in Cody, Wyoming to have a look at some outdoor products that are manufactured in that state. My immediate response was “I’m in!” The event took place last week (August 25 through 28, 2008), and I am back home in Tennessee reflecting upon the wonderful time that I had visiting Wyoming.

…Royal Stukey was letting us use one of his excellent shooting benches while at the range. Even with a strong Wyoming wind blowing, his shooting bench was very stable. It is hard to tell the difference between a cheap bench and one of Royal’s benches just by looking at pictures in a catalog, but these benches are nothing like the cheap imported stuff that you might see advertised elsewhere. Royal uses a unique method to attach the legs to assure a solid connection, and it proved itself at the range. Unless you have a stable platform, you cannot realize the most accuracy from your rifle or handloads, and the bench is also portable enough for setting up as a varmint shooting bench. This thing is made from heavy plywood and pipe, not thin wall tubing. It weighs 65 pounds, and is built to last, and built in Wyoming. online Magazine: September 2008 by Jeff Quinn



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