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The Best Portable Shooting Bench On The Market Today

One thing I have been meaning to do for quite a few year is make myself a solid, portable shooting bench. I have designed one in my head but never seemed to find the time to get it built. Well, a feller named Royal Stukey has solved my dilemma by manufacturing what I consider to be the best portable shooting bench on the market today. Royal is a rifleman and knows what is required of a bench to insure best results. The bench itself is made from well-fit tubular steel and laminated plywood. All permanent joints are welded and the detachable legs are precision fit for a solid, no-wobble bench. The plywood top has a heavy finish to resist weathering and the steel frame and legs are powder coated. Royal has designed the top for either right or left hand use and the whole thing breaks down into a very portable package. This bench is just the thing for shooters who travel to different shooting matches and want to be assured that they will have a useable bench rest when they get there. Varmint hunters will also like the portability of the Stukey bench rest.

This is an extremely well built product and quite frankly, if you have ever built something along these lines, you’ll recognize in a minute the Stukey bench is an extremely good value.

Royal has built the bench to be compatible with a storage box/seat that works well for storing your bench rest and other paraphernalia… Yep, that’s right, no phone, no email address. Royal and his wife Jeanie are country folks…and that means doing business the old-time way. Drop Royal a line if you are in the market for a solid, well-made shooting bench. (*Note: this article refers to an old address. We’ve come a long way as far as phones, email, and the web. Thanks Steve for your help and encouragement in the beginning!)

Black Powder Cartridge News: Fall 2001 by Steve Garbe



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