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Sturdy Is The Proper Word For This Unit

Anyone doing much serious testing of rifles and/or developing handloads knows how important a bench is. I have been using Stukey's Sturdy Shooting Bench, a high quality take down bench with a 40" x 32" top and three heavy duty screw-in legs made of threaded steel pipe. Sturdy is the proper word for this unit, weighing 65 pounds; however it breaks down without tools into the 30-pound spar urethane-coated plywood top and a bundle of legs weighing 35 pounds. It's cut out for both left hand and right hand shooters on one end and I turn it completely around to use the square end for testing sixguns. The seat is a heavy-duty Shooter's Box which translates to storage for a lot of necessary equipment. Mine now carries my chronograph as well as other often-used accessories. Both are now permanent fixtures in the back of my covered pick-up bed.

Guns Magazine: September 2004 by John Taffin



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