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Stukeys Sturdy Shooting Benches Makes The Best Portable Shooting Bench I Have Ever Used

Testing sniper weapon systems for accuracy requires no small amount of shooting off a bench. Most of the so-called portable shooting benches available are too insubstantial to provide the solid support needed to evaluate the system’s accuracy potential. Stukeys Sturdy Shooting Benches (website: makes the best portable shooting bench I have ever used. The 40x32-inch top, cut for right or left-handed shooters, is made from heavy cabinet-grade plywood. The three powder-coated steel legs interface with the top using a unique floating-nut plate/socket and collar arrangement that eliminates wobble and provides an exceptionally solid lock-up between the legs and the bench top. A carrying handle is attached to both the top and one of the legs. The top weighs approximately 30 pounds and the leg bundle about 35 pounds. Easy to set up, it will fit in most car trunks. A final useful addition is the Contico Shooters Box/Seat. It includes a tote caddy with a slide-out tray. I now keep everything required for testing off the bench stored permanently on the shooters box, as I usually get to the range only to discover I have forgotten something. I can recommend this truly excellent equipment without reservations of any kind.

Shotgun News: November 2007 by Pete Kokalis



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