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Bench Contributed Significantly To The Success Of My Trip

Now I'm going to give an unabashed plug. My friend Royal Stucky sells portable shooting benches, advertising in the pages of this magazine as "Stucky's Sturdy Shooting Benches". I have had one for some time without using it for more than a spare cleaning table at BPCR Silhouette matches. It served "royally" on this trip. Breaking down in minutes for moving, with the legs going in an ingenuous little holder [leg caddy] complete with handle, it was perfectly convenient to move about on an ATV. An accessory storage box is available for it, which can hold all the paraphernalia, such as a laser rangefinder, binocular, sandbag rest, water bottle or whatever. And then the accessory box is stout enough to use for a seat - even stout enough to withstand my carcass.

It is no exaggeration to say Royal's bench contributed significantly to the success of my trip.

I know this for certain because on the first morning I tried shooting prone from a mat and had to stop and stand up often to work the cramps out of my neck muscles...

Rifle Magazine: September 2006 by Mike Venturino



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