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It Takes Just One Or Two Minutes To Set Up Or Take Down

I am fortunate to have my shooting bench just a few steps from my house; unfortunately not everyone has this luxury and must rely on public or private ranges. Many of these “ranges” are more of a plinking place as they are void of good solid benches necessary to evaluate loads or rifles, and many folks shoot across the hood of their cars. For those faced with this dilemma, a solid, portable shooting bench makes sense. One of the slickest around is available from Stukey’s Sturdy Shooting Benches, as it is simple, solid and works. It features three legs that are made of heavy 1 7/8 inch steel tubing and are welded with a 5/8 inch bolt that threads into the frame by hand. There are steel collars that assist in making the legs solid, even when they are only tightened by hand. There is a handle welded onto one of the legs and on the bottom of the bench top, so that when it is disassembled the legs and top can be bundled and carried. All hardware has been finished in a tough black powder coating. The top is made of ¾ inch plywood and measures 32 inches wide by 40 inches long. There are cutouts on each side for right or left-hand shooters, and it is finished with a weather resistant spar urethane. It takes just one or two minutes to set up or take down. The Stukey bench includes a Contico portable workbox that serves as a seat and is useful for storing range accessories such as targets, tools or ammunition. This bench works well and being easy to disassemble and transport, it’s sure to catch on with varmint shooters or anyone who needs a portable bench.

Rifle Magazine: July 2003 by Brian Pearce



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