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Accommodates Any Irregularities In Terrain

Royal Stukey of Garryowen, Montana, is manufacturing a portable shooting bench to fill the need for a shooting bench stable enough for the most demanding shooting situations, yet easily transported and stored. Unlike most portable benches that rely on pipe threads, bolts or pins to hold the legs in position, the Stukey bench uses a unique socket arrangement to facilitate a solid, no-wobble lockup between the legs and bench frame. The frame is constructed of angular steel forming a triangle with three sockets. Each socket has a floating nut plate that retains the massive 2-inch steel legs. All permanent joints are MIG welded, and all metal parts are generously powder coated for years of trouble-free service. The replaceable top is constructed of ¾ inch AC plywood and heavily coated with marine spar urethane for weather resistance. It is conveniently designed to accommodate both right and left handed shooters. The triangle leg design accommodates any irregularities in the terrain, and the spacious top (40x32 inches) will easily hold a rest, rear bag, ammunition, spotting scope, etc. Once at the range, the bench sets up in less than one minute, without tools. Take down is simply the reverse of setup. The assembled unit weight 70 pounds. The top and leg bundles are both designed with a carrying handle for ease of transport, and the entire unit will fit in the trunk of most small cars. The bench is designed to be compatible with a Contico Shooters Box that doubles as a seat and has more than enough room for your rest, bags and accessories. Stukey’s Sturdy Shooting Bench is a rock-solid, portable shooting bench, no matter what your shooting discipline. It would be a great asset to anyone involved in the quest for greater shooting accuracy.

Handloader Magazine: October 2002 “Inside Product News”



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