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A Solid Table Is The Foundation Of Accuracy

A solid table is the foundation of accuracy. Most public ranges provide sturdy benches constructed with heavy plank or concrete tops and pipe or concrete legs anchored in concrete. A seat of the proper height is usually provided too. Portable benches can be just as stable. However, car hoods and card tables are unacceptable. A car hood has a lot of give to it, so a rifle will not recoil the same every shot, and its slope requires dragging a rest back up to reposition it after every shot. Flimsy tables also have a lot of spring and wobble - as much as an outdoor writer at an open bar - and a scope's crosshairs never settle. A sturdy bench supports the shooter as much as the rifle. A Stukey's Sturdy Shooting Bench is a strong and heavy bench made with a thick plywood top and pipe legs...

Rifle Magazine: March 2008 by John Haviland



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