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Sinclair Competition Rest

Sinclair Competition Rest with Windage and All-Purpose Top

  • Ambidextrous controls
  • One inch solid steel base plate with carry handle
  • Fine vertical and windage shot to shot adjustments
  • All purpose top comes filled with playsand
  • All purpose top is adjustable to accommodate most forends
  • Fully adjustable forend stop
  • Base mounted roller bearing windage adjustment with oversized control knob 
  • Windage offers 60 inches of adjustment at 100 yards
  • Covered by Sinclairs 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Weighs 30 lbs.
  • Made in the USA


More Info

All things considered, we feel this is the best rest money can buy! Your shooting skills will not outgrow this rest.


Our Recommendation

The natural progression of a shooter is to start with a sand bag or an inexpensive lightweight rest. Then, after your skills have increased, buy a more advanced rest. But, if you're serious about shooting and are looking to save a couple extra bucks, we recommend skipping the sandbag or lightweight rest and upgrading to the Sinclair Competition Rest.